Water is the Link to Radiant Skin

Woman looking at a glass of water

Most things in life can be taken or left without resulting in much more than disappointment or a change of directions, but there are a few others that form the very essence of sustenance for every living organism. Every living thing must have the proper atmosphere, or environment–for us it’s the air we breathe–for aquatic life it’s their surroundings of aqua pura. Every living organism on earth requires sunlight–either directly or indirectly–and then, there are nourishment and hydration, with which every form of life would cease to exist, and relatively quickly.

A Vital “Must-Have”
The world-renowned pacifist Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi once fasted for a total of 21 days, but he did not refuse water. Human life can manage to be sustained for a period of over three weeks without nutrition (ie. food,) but not so, if you were to take water out of the equation. Somewhere around 60% of the human body is comprised of water, with it being vital to every single cell of the body for life to be possible. Referred to in certain circles as “Adam’s Ale,” water is the essential joint lubricant, being responsible, through a myriad of functions, for regulating every function performed by our bodies. It provides essential hydration to all of our organs; water helps our bodies to maintain an appropriate functioning temperature when we sweat and even when we breathe. In the form of urine, water manages to flush waste from our bodies completely. And so, without access to water, even in the most ideal, life-supporting environment, the longest anyone could survive would be 5-7 days. With all the evidence in, we still seem to mostly disregard water’s importance to our well-being, and what’s more, many of us are missing out on the amazing (and free) health benefits to be enjoyed from bumping up our regular water consumption. And everyone knows that the healthier one is on the inside–the better they look on the outside–call it ‘Nature’s Glow,” and who wouldn’t love to have that? You are now excused, so you can go fix yourself a nice, ice cold glass of glowing health.

The Go for the Glow Show
The sales of cosmetic products promising to deliver that lauded glow for skin are staggering, and continue to rise as countless glowing-wannabes desperately deplete stores everywhere of lotions, creams, serums and makeup that include the word “glow” within their names or somewhere in their descriptions. Would you believe that all that’s needed to get that beautiful glow is readily available, free (although you can buy it, too,) and something you can integrate more fully into your daily regimen right now, to reap the wondrous benefits? OK, watch this: Let’s envision a really sleek looking bottle that is doubly packed in a beautiful box. Included would be explicit instructions for refrigerating the opened contents and exact dosing methods. Perhaps a warning or two on how misuse or cutting back should be avoided, give it a name like “Wynfyd” (Welsh for “bliss,”) and stick a price tag on that baby for $36.99–no, $54.80–NO, how about $107.89? Flood the airwaves and net with brilliant advertisements and send ambassadors out to talk up the product. Their schpeel would begin with these words: “Hi. May I give you this free sample of Wynfyd to try?”

Water as a Trend?
The extensive marketing campaign would surely find a major wave of takers, however, let’s take what has been scientifically proven and skip the hooplay–or as it is said, “Let’s don’t, and say we did.” It is time to support those dreams of glowing skin that lasts, with some action. It’s time to incorporate water into your life like it is the foremost serum of the gods. Water therapy’s time has come. It’s trending–and trending BIG, with BIG results that cover every element of advanced health and energy, too. The more water you drink, the more rapidly and thoroughly all toxins will pass through your body, and they’ll have less time to “set up shop,” as a wondrous stream of aqua pura moves its magic on through, and out.

Infinite Health Begins in the AM
Ramping up your water consumption will keep your immune system guarded, restore vitality to all of you and get you feeling better than ever. It begins with that first glass of cold, refreshing water that you’re gonna drink first thing in the morning, now. Why?

  • Flush your colon
  • Force a quicker and fuller blood and muscle rejuvenation into action
  • Balance restoration of the lymphatic system/fight off infections/get energy for the day
  • Prevent sagging skin from improper internal hydration
  • Give your body something to sweat out–thus carrying dirt, toxins, dead cells and such from your pores.
  • Give you an alternative to bad habits, like smoking or vaping, carb-loading, and drinking stuff that is not good for you

The Water Way
Pre-coffee, tea, soda, and food, consume 1.5 liters of water–about 7 glasses full. This will take some getting used to, but your body will acclimate soon, so start out with a volume you’re able to handle, like 3-5 glasses, and it’s OK to take your time a bit. You’ll experience an increased number of bathroom visits, but remember–this is a good thing. Why not chronicle your water therapy results by taking a daily selfie each morning? After a month, do a comparison. You’ll love the glow–and you will see it, and have to say, “Well done!

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