What’s Trending For Spring 2017

Even though we’re just now entering into the winter month, we can’t help but start to admire some of the spring trends we’ve seen come through in the past fashion week events.  Plus, looking ahead to spring fashion is a nice way to ease the pain of some of the winter weather – knowing that it WILL come to an end and we’ll be able to break out some of the spring fashions soon.  If you’re not sure about the trends for spring 2017, you’re in luck because we’re dishing on the top trending fashions for the spring season.

woman in yellow dress
Yellow, Yellow, and More Yellow
Another big color palette you’re going to be seeing trending for spring 2017 is the yellow shades.  The yellow shade is going to be trending in a variety of different tones and shades this spring season, but it’s worth noting that you’re going to be seeing a lot of yellow throughout the spring season in the fashion world.  The great news is that since there’s going to be a variety of different yellow shades, no matter what your skin tone is you will be sure to find a color that works for you.

Waist Cinching Details
Ok, so before you think that we’re talking about the actual waist trainers you’ve been seeing celebs like the Kardashians using for weight loss this is a bit different.  For the spring season, a lot of designers were showing corset-like styles being layered over more free flowing type of clothes to give a different twist to the look.  It’s an interesting take, and kind of an updated style to what high waisted belts have been used for.

woman in khaki jacket
Ok, so it’s not JUST khaki, but more so that military color scheme of olive green tones and neutral beige colors that’s going to be EVERYWHERE this spring season.  When you take a look at the spring 2017 fashion show events, it seems like almost every designer did their interpretation of the color scheme for the spring season.  We love the fact that this color palette is trending for spring 2017, we’ve done a lot of white in the past couple of spring seasons so it’s a refreshing twist on a great neutral color palette.

Sleeve Slits
We’ve all seen slits in dresses and skirts for a long time, but for this spring designers brought us a totally different take on slits…by adding them to sleeves!  Yep, you read that correctly.  Sleeves are getting an update by having a slit detail added to them to make for a unique bell-like sleeve.

off shoulder sweater
Off the Shoulder
In the past two seasons we’ve seen an increase in shoulder, exposing styles, this fall and winter it was all about the 90’s throwback with the off the shoulder style.  But in the spring it’s going to switch up a bit, and there’s going to be a lot of off the shoulder happening with ONE side instead of both shoulders being exposed.  So instead of both shoulders exposed, we’re seeing more of the asymmetrical off the shoulder look happening this spring season.

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