When is the Right Time for Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty has grown to become a more common surgery than it was in the past.  Since we’ve had such an increase in technology and knowledge in the world, this surgery is much more minimal compared to what so many surgeons are now able to do.  However, just because it’s a routine surgery doesn’t mean there aren’t things to consider and determining when the right time to get it done is still really important.  If you’ve been considering getting rhinoplasty done, you’re going to want to read on to make sure you know some of the things to consider before you book a consultation.

The Age Factor
It’s been said that rhinoplasty has grown in popularity among teenagers, and teens actually get more rhinoplasty than any other surgery.   However, it’s really important to make sure that you (or your teen) has reached the appropriate age before jumping the gun and booking an appointment.   While we may not realize it, our noses and bone structure are still growing and changing in our teen years.  What many experts suggested is not considering getting rhinoplasty done until the patient is done growing (at least with their nose being done growing).  Many suggest that this age is typically around 15 years old for most.  Regardless of the reason behind getting rhinoplasty that age seems to be the common theme among experts.

Your Health
Although rhinoplasty isn’t a rare surgery anymore, it’s still surgery and you’re still being put under anesthesia.  With that being said, it’s incredibly important that your health is on point before going in for surgery.  Surgeons will typically run tests to make sure your levels and health are at the point where it’s healthy for your to be put into an operating room.  Since your body does go under a great deal of stress with any surgery, the level of your health needs to be of the utmost importance.  Before going through with any surgery, rhinoplasty included, make sure the surgeon you’re considering is making sure to emphasize on the importance of your health and goes through some checks to validate your candidacy for surgery.

The Need of the Procedure
There are quite a few different uses for rhinoplasty as it relates to the appearance of your nose.  The most common reasons behind why people get rhinoplasty are: the desire to widen or slim the shape of the nose, smooth a bump/the bridge of the nose, change the shape of the tip of the nose, straighten the nose, or adjust the overall look of the nose.  While there can be many different reasons behind why someone is looking to get rhinoplasty, it’s incredibly important that you seek the help of a well-respected and trained professional when considering the surgery.  A good plastic surgeon will help you determine the best route for your case and really give you a realistic answer to whether it’s the right fit for you.

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