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Who Really Needs To Double Cleanse

Have you heard about double cleansing? It’s exactly as it sounds, cleansing your face twice. But if you’re like many people you may be wondering…who really needs to double cleanse? Is it something that you need to consider adding to your skin care routine? Or not? There are a lot of questions around double cleansing, and we know with so much confusion around it – it was time for us to get down to the details and share them with you. Skin care is constantly changing and evolving, but it’s important to make sure you’re well informed before applying certain methods to your skin care routine.

Here’s the deal with cleansing…it plays a major role in your skin’s health.  We need to make sure that we’re thoroughly cleansing our skin on a daily basis.  When we don’t get a thorough cleanse on our skin we’re not eliminating all of the dirt, oil and toxins our skin is exposed to on a daily basis.  While you may be cleansing your skin on a daily basis…are you getting a thorough cleanse?  Not getting a real thorough cleanse on the skin is really why the rise in double cleansing has become so popular.  As we mentioned, double cleansing is literally just as it sounds – cleansing your skin two times in a row.  There are different ways of really going about double cleansing.  Some people use the same cleanser and just cleanse their skin twice.  While others use two different cleansers to go through the process.

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So, who really needs to double cleanse?  Many people in the industry are suggesting that this is a personal thing.  It’s important to make sure that you’re really getting a thorough cleanse and if you feel like you’re not really getting a good cleanse with just one step cleansing it could be worth trying a double cleansing method for your skin care routine.  Another suggestion from the expert on this topic?  Many suggest that if you wear makeup, double cleansing could be a wise decision for your skin care routine.  So often those that wear makeup will find that cleansing the skin one time is really just getting the rest of their makeup off – but not really getting that cleansing to the skin yet.  Which is why the double cleansing method can be so effective.

Even if you remove your makeup with a great makeup remover, many find that there’s still some leftover makeup residue on their skin which is what gets removed during the cleansing process.  However, we don’t want to cleanse just to remove the makeup – we need to actually cleanse the skin.  Starting to see why double cleansing can be so great for those that wear makeup?  Since cleansing the skin is such an important step in anyone’s skin care routine it may be worth trying out for yourself.  Especially if you wear makeup regularly.

So what do you think about double cleansing?  Are you going to try adding it to your skin care routine?

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