Why We Still Love Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen is a legend, to put it lightly.  He’s made waves in the music industry for years and still holds major respect to this day.  He continues to sell out concerts and people still know his name all around the globe.  He’s had a career that’s lasted over 40 years…yes, 40!  Aside from experiencing mega success, including selling over 120 MILLION records globally, he’s loved and honored continuously.  Not to mention, he’s clearly proud to be American.  It’s really no wonder we still love Bruce Springsteen, in all his American glory.

He’s really the epitome of American music and has been for many years.  Maybe his song ‘Born in the USA’ has something to do with it?  He’s been no stranger to making statements and really speaking to people through his music.  Even politicians have listened to ‘The Boss’ and his statements made through his music.  Essentially, Bruce really has used his music as a platform to bring awareness and important points to listeners all around the United States.  Making statements as strong as he does is something not many musicians have been able to do, or do in a way that’s been as accepted as Springsteen has been in doing this.

In addition to not being afraid to make strong statements through his music, and by making public political statements like participating in certain events politically, he continues to be loved by so many.  Even years after his mega-hits first came out, people still know the words and love rocking out to his all American vibes.  Even to this day, when he likely doesn’t ‘have’ to work, he’s still known for his incredible work ethic and determination.  That’s something that not many others can continually be known for, especially in the entertainment business.  But if we’re really honest, not many in the entertainment business even last 40+ years and still maintain relevancy.  But the fact that he continues to represent himself as a down-home American guy, is likely why so many people still relate to him and idolize the guy.  Even with his mega success, he stuck to his American roots, especially New Jersey where he’s originally from.  After he saw huge success in his career he went back to New Jersey to raise his family, where he himself grew up.  And continues to be active in all things New Jersey related, making sure he’s involved where he can be.  Another thing that not many do once they reach the success he has in his life.

The fact that Springsteen really shows his own American pride, even after he’s reached global success, is something that’s idolized and respected by so many of us.  There are so many reasons why we still love Bruce Springsteen, while some of these reasons are just scrapping the surface it’s safe to say he’s still not going anywhere anytime soon.

Why do YOU still love Bruce Springsteen?

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