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Year-Round Skin Care Rules

Routines in many areas of our lives can be incredibly beneficial to keeping our sanity and health. This is especially true when it comes to our skin care routine. Naturally, taking care of our skin is something that needs to be cone daily. While there are certain steps and adjustments that should be made throughout the different seasons experienced throughout the year, there are also a handful of year round skin care rules you should be following. With all the summer skin care tips being discussed, we’re reiterating the year round skin care rules to make sure you’re covered all year long.

Wearing SPF Daily
One of the biggest misconceptions in the skin care world is that SPF only needs to be applied to your skin when you’re planning to spend your time outside, or the sun is shining. The truth is SPF should be applied to your skin every single day. Yes, even if it’s rainy and gloomy outside. The reason being is even if the sun isn’t blazing down on your skin, your skin is still susceptible to UV exposure. That being said, it’s time to make sure that you’re applying SPF to your skin all-year long.

Keep Your Skin Well Moisturized
While you may notice that your skin feels drier during the winter months, your skin needs moisture all year long. The fact of the matter is our skin rarely has the proper amount of healthy moisture in it, which is why it’s up to us to apply a quality moisturizing product to our skin on a daily basis. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing your skin is a necessity and something that should be done and emphasized within your skin care routine all year long.

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Drink A Lot of Water
We tend to drink more water during the summer months because it’s hotter out and we tend to sweat more. So often individuals in the beauty industry discuss the importance of drinking water in the summer to keep your skin well hydrated when you’re outside more often. While that is a valid point, and very important, you shouldn’t just be focusing on drinking water to keep your skin hydrated during the summer months. Drinking a LOT of water for your skin’s hydration is something that you should be focusing on ALL year long. Yes, even when it’s really cold and gloomy out your skin is still craving and needing the hydration it’s given from water intake.

Exfoliate Regularly
Another skin care step that tends to be talked about during the winter months because we all tend to be much drier that time of year. While we notice dead skin cells and dryness in our skin during the winter, our skin needs exfoliation all year long. Exfoliating our skin is an essential part of any healthy skin care routine because it helps to eliminate any excess dirt, oil and gets rid of dead skin cells on the surface of our skin. It’s just an ideal step for any healthy skin care routine, all year long.

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