Your Halloween Costume Inspiration

Woman enjoying Halloween

Halloween is literally around the corner at this point, and even if you had the best intentions of actually planning out a costume and going all out for the holiday…you’re a human being.  It always seems like Halloween sneaks up on us after summer comes to a close, and it catches many of us off guard.  Just as we start to wrap up summer activities and events…BOOM… Halloween is here.  So even if you want to try to think ahead, we’ve all been there the week of Halloween with no costume in sight.  If this is you, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some ideas to help you out.  Your Halloween costume inspiration is right here!

FBI Agent
This is a super easy go-to costume idea that you can pull together in no time.  All you need is a black or navy suit (women and/or men) and a button down blouse under it.  Make sure you differentiate yourself from just a typical business professional by making an FBI badge to clip to your suit, and maybe even throw in a confidential folder for good measure.  Talk about easy, right?

Snapchat Filters
Since social media has become SO huge, dressing up as a snapchat filter would be totally appropriate for this year’s Halloween season.  Not to mention… filters are kind of everything in the snapchat world – so why not just become a snapchat filter?  For the ladies into this idea, you can keep it SO easy it’s a little crazy.  Just dress in something solid/plain – the costume is really all about the little details (you know like filters are).  You can go one of two ways here, either cut out little gold butterflies or flowers and simply pin them to your hair.  Seriously, it’s that easy.  If you’re more about the gold butterfly filter, go with that option (we would suggest doing a couple different sizes of butterflies for this).  But if you’re all about the flower crown, go with that option!  Super easy to do, and really doesn’t take much time or planning!

Woman wearing a black dress for Halloween

Retro Vibes
Maybe you want to do a little throwback costume idea, there’s always something about those retro costumes that have us nostalgic.  The good news is retro costumes can be really easy to put together last minute, too.  Want to get a little Grease vibe into your look?  For the ladies, simply throw on a pair of tight black pants, black shirt (preferably off the shoulder) and rock a black leather jacket.  Top it off with some red lips, red shoes and make your hair into ringlet curls pinned up and you’re good to go!  For the guys throw on a pair of tight jeans/black pants, white t-shirt with rolled sleeves, and a leather jacket (carry around an unlit cigarette for effect, if you’d like) and you’re retro-ed out with barely any time on the clock to create it.

The great news about Halloween is you really don’t have to spend a ton of time, energy or money on creating a great costume.  It’s just about using a little creativity!

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