Your Health Drink May Be Causing Your Blemishes

Keeping your health and weight on track can be a process. Thankfully, we now have access to so many different types of health drinks and foods that make it much easier to stay on your health journey. Most of us don’t have the time to sit down and make a whole healthy meal for every single meal throughout the day, which is why health drinks have become such a normal thing for so many of us. If you’re a regular protein drink person, we don’t need to tell you how easy those drinks make staying healthy. While they’re great for your health, we have some unfortunate news that’s recently surfaced…as it turns out your health drink may be causing your blemishes.

We’re willing to bet that you’re just as shocked to hear this as we were. Protein shakes are healthy, so why would they be potentially causing blemishes in our skin? For starters, if you are drinking protein shakes and not noticing any blemishes occurring in the skin then this isn’t likely something you need to worry about. However, if you are noticing that you’re struggling with blemishes and acne and you drink protein shakes regularly you’ll want to continue reading.

So, why do proteins cause blemishes for some people? Some dermatologists have found that it’s simply because of the hormones in the products. Some protein shakes consist of actual hormones in them, while others have been found to contain ingredients that actually boost/accelerate hormones in the body. You probably know by now, that hormones can have a huge impact on our skin’s appearance…particularly acne and blemish related. Whenever our bodies have an imbalance of hormones, it’s common to result in blemishes and acne breakouts in the skin.

While the hormone factor is a big one when it comes to protein shakes and causing blemishes, that’s not the only factor. The other factor that’s been found to cause blemishes in the skin is the chemicals and processed element of protein shakes. While protein shakes are loaded with a lot of great ingredients and benefits to the body in weight loss and muscle building it’s important to remember that these protein shakes are powder based formulas. Powder based formulas that have been chemically processed to get to that state. They do contain preservatives and different chemicals in them. Unfortunately, it’s just the reality of the situation. While it’s common and a part of drinking protein shakes, it’s important to understand that preservatives and chemicals have been found to negatively impact our skin’s health and appearance-especially when it comes to blemishes in the skin.

WOW, right?! It’s interesting to learn that something that seems as harmless as a protein shake could be doing some damage to your skin and causing your blemishes. If you’ve been finding that you’re struggling with breakouts and consuming protein shakes regularly, experts suggest cutting back on the protein shakes and trying more natural sources of protein. See if you notice a difference and that could tell you whether or not your blemishes are caused from the shakes.

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